Faith or Superstition?

It seems to me that the word is getting a lot more "air time" the last few years. For a while the concept of faith was most often discussed (at least by Hollywood) with a knowing smile and a chuckle, as though the idea of having faith were sweet, but somewhat simple and naïve.


Nowadays it almost appears to be fashionable. Almost everybody believes something, and anything you believe is acceptable, as long as you say you truly believe it. 


But that begs the question; what is faith, anyway? Is it just believing; as in; "I just know that it will all work out in the end.", or is it more than that?


What if someone came to the sincere conclusion that wearing a fried egg on his head brought him prosperity, physical health, inner peace, and spiritual life? "I'd call the guys in the white coats!" Why? If he had real faith that the egg thing worked for him, is that not valid?


I think we'd agree that my example is a bit weird, yet I suggest that it's not really that much farther afield than much of what people embrace today as "faith". At best the fried egg thing should be classified as superstition. The reason for that is simple; faith has an actual object while superstition just believes.


A pitcher wears the same socks to every game because he believes they brought him good luck. I believe in a living, personal God who involves Himself in the affairs of humanity because there is a mountain of good evidence supporting that belief.


Math and DNA being two of the very best. Any system, any "code", must have it's origen in an intelligent Designer. The fact that we can count on the sun coming up every day consistently, that we can enjoy sunsets and chocolate, that procreation is pleasureable - all tells us something about the Nature and Character of the Intelligent One behind the design! He's a Good guy!


He is THERE, and He is GOOD! And for faith to be FAITH, and not mere superstition (or mental illness) it must have as it's object Someone who is actually there. 


There might be a placebo effect with the fried egg bit, but the egg itself isn't going to accomplish much for the wearer, except to attract flies and stares. (I dare you to try it some time) 


But actively looking to, and trusting in the God who gave you taste buds will always result in blessing and fruitfulness. 


Why don't you take a minute and thank Him for giving you the ability to enjoy. He didn't have to...

- Pastor Robert Fountain